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Winter 2018

I can’t see them but I want to remember speculated on the potential existence of queer men in Silo City, a series of abandoned grain silos located in Buffalo, NY. The locker room, which was built during the '60s and in use until a few years ago, was left in a state of disarray featuring a variety of objects including articles of clothing, address books, trash, and pornography. This hypermasculine space that was exclusive to men mirrors the bathhouses and public restrooms that have been used by queer men to engage in intimate acts with one another due to the lack of freedom to comfortably do so elsewhere. Audience members were welcomed in pairs, each being given a UV flashlight, before being permitted to enter the dark space to explore. There they would run into interventions of text, glowing substances, abandoned items, and documents referencing appropriate workplace behaviour and the AIDS crisis (which the locker room would have been in use during).

I can't see them but I want to remember: Gallery
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